Erase up to 10 years in one hour!

Today, most patients want to look younger as quickly as possible with as little impact on their normal daily routines as possible. They are looking for a procedure that can be performed in the office in less than an hour or two. And, of course, most say they don’t want any recovery period.

Now, after over 30 years of development by the medical industry, a QuickLift™ is performed by our doctor for patients in our region so they can look up to 10 years younger in about one hour, with very little downtime.

What is a QuickLift?

If you have been considering a facelift to reverse the signs of aging, you should understand what a QuickLift can and can’t do. A QuickLift provides an overall lift to the lower third of your face by tightening loose skin in the jowls, neck, and jaw line. A QuickLift alone will not remove forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet or bags under your eyes. These areas can, however, be treated at the same time as your QuickLift. The QuickLift is particularly well-suited for patients between 40 and 65 years old with sagging skin in the lower portion of their faces, cheeks, jaw line and neck.

The QuickLift procedure

Operating on one side of the face at a time, through an incision just forward of the sideburn area, the skin and underlying soft tissues are gently lifted and tightened. The excess skin is removed. Tiny sutures are used under magnification to close the incision and further minimize visible scarring. With a QuickLift, the incision is carefully hidden by our physician along the ear and behind the ear lobe.

Are the results from QuickLift permanent?

While a QuickLift can remove up to 10 years of aging in your appearance, many factors such as lifestyle choices, bone structure, skin type, sun exposure and heredity all play a part in your continuing aging process. In general, it seems that younger patients enjoy longer-lasting results.

The best candidates for a QuickLift are men and women that:

  • are in good health.
  • are typically between 40 to 65 years old.
  • have mild to moderate lower facial and/or neck laxity.
  • have realistic expectations.
  • want to stay ahead of the aging process.

What are the benefits of a QuickLift?

  • A natural look.
  • Shorter operating time.
  • Quicker recovery time.
  • Minimal risk of complications.
  • Minimal scars.
  • No hair loss.

Is a QuickLift for you?

If you are bothered by excess or lax facial and/or neck skin, a QuickLift may be the answer for you. Your doctor can help you decide the best treatment to obtain your desired results.

How will I look after my QuickLift?

After our doctor performs your QuickLift, the changes can be dramatic. The use of smaller incisions and local anesthesia allow for faster healing with fewer complications.

After your procedure, you will go home and rest for at least 24 hours. After that you may take a shower and wash your hair. Men may shave their face. The incision must be kept clean. Some patients may experience some minor swelling and bruising. Discomfort is usually minimal and can be relieved with over-the-counter medications. Sutures that have not dissolved after 6 - 7 days will be removed. Patients should avoid direct sun for several weeks. Most of our QuickLift patients resume almost all normal activities in 24 - 48 hours after their procedure.

Our QuickLift patients love the fact that after their QuickLift they don’t look like they’ve had surgery. They just look great and may look up to 10 years younger.