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ArteFill - Clearwater, FL

Do you look older than you feel? Facial wrinkles begin to appear as the underlying collagen and elastin fibers break down. Although part of the natural aging process, they can also result from excessive squinting, frowning and smiling.

Remember when your skin was soft, smooth and wrinkle-free? Well, it can be again. Over the past few decades, many attempts have been made to fill in wrinkles and repair scars. Results from biological products such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and fat are relatively short-lived fixes because the body absorbs them in about 6 months. Studies have shown that synthetic materials, such as silicone, are longer lasting but they can migrate and can cause the formation of granulomas.

ArteFill® combines time-proven bovine collagen with inert, medical grade polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA microspheres. Approved as safe and effective in Europe in 1994, ArteFill has been safely used to treat over 400,000 patients in Canada, Europe, Mexico and South America. ArteFill treatments are performed by our doctor for patients in our region to treat soft tissue contour deficiencies like wrinkles, including scars and acne scars.

What are the benefits of ArteFill?

  • ArteFill is made with time-tested materials.
  • ArteFill's PMMA is permanent.
  • Your body's own collagen encapsulates and anchors the PMMA to fill your wrinkles.

Why PMMA and collagen?

PMMA is an inert plastic. It is the most widely used artificial material in medicine today. PMMA has been used in artificial lens replacements in cataract surgery for over 15 million patients worldwide.

ArteFill uses completely round microspheres of PMMA. Each sphere is smaller in diameter than a human hair and will be completely encapsulated by your body's own collagen fibers. Encapsulation prevents dislocation and migration.

Collagen is found in every mammal. It is found throughout the body in skin, cartilage, and tendons. Collagen acts as the glue binding different structures within the body. Collagen has a long, safe history in medical implants such as sutures and injectibles.

PMMA microspheres are evenly suspended in the collagen solution. The collagen is used as the vehicle to enable your doctor to implant the PMMA microspheres into dermal deficiencies.

How are ArteFill treatments performed?

ArteFill treatments are performed on an outpatient basis. They are relatively painless because a numbing agent is applied to the treated area. Your doctor will use a small syringe, fitted with a microneedle, to inject the ArteFill under your skin beneath the wrinkle.

ArteFill is used for:

  • Lip border enhancement.
  • Deeper wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Soft atrophic and acne scars.

How many Artefill injections will I need?

Several injections may be required, depending on the depth and length of the wrinkle. The procedure usually takes less than 20 minutes of your time. The results are immediate. You can determine at first glance if you are happy with the results or if you would like more ArteFill injected in the treated areas.

What can I expect after my treatment with ArteFill?

After our physician performs your ArteFill treatments you can expect greatly improved wrinkles, enhanced lips or smoothed out depressed scars. Patients are up and around immediately after receiving ArteFill for the lips and nasal labial fold areas. Discomfort is minimal. The treatment site may have a little swelling, which may last a few days to a week depending on the area treated. There may be some slight bruising at the injection site, which can be covered with make-up. Depending on the area treated, most of your correction may last for many years. Some touch-up treatments may be necessary. Allergic reactions are rare, but may consist of prolonged redness, itching, and/or firmness at the injection site.